• What is screen printing?

    Screen printing is a printing technique where the ink is transferred to a piece of garment through a mesh. Being the cheapest way to decorate fabric, cotton, polyester and z wide range of other textiles it can be used on T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, trousers, sweaters, umbrellas, bags ect.
    Such print has a high resistance and richness of color.

  • Are screen printing prints resistant?

    Right choice of ink for a certain substrate, using high-quality inks only from well-known and safe brands and curing it makes the print resistant and vivid. Not sticking to these basic rules can make the print fade.

  • What is the minimal order quantity?

    Multicolored prints are expensive in printing preparation. In order to satisfy both the person ordering and the contractor, the minimal quantity is 200. However, smaller orders are not only to be produced with other techniques. At one- or two-color prints even single orders can be completed.

  • Are screen printing inks safe?

    As long as the inks have required atests and are used properly, they can be used to print on textiles. Plastisol inks cannot contain phtalates ?and water based inks- formaldehyde.

  • What if the design is a photo?

    At single orders we offer our clients digital printing (DTG). If the order is bigger- we suggest separation prints- Pantone or CMYK.

  • When there's an idea, but no design...

    No problem. Our artists will prepare the design, the designers will deal with printing preparation and finally, our printers will transfer it onto the substrate.

  • How many prints can you make daily?

    Depending on the design, we are able to make up to 15 000 prints a day. We have 3 super-efficient carousels form M&R company.

  • What is the maximum size of a print?

    The largest format we can print is 51?71 cm.

  • How many colors can a project contain?

    We are able to print up to 12 colors on fair and 11 on dark surfaces.

  • What is the time of order execution?

    The time depends on he design complexity.
    4-colored print on black T-shirts; quantity: 1500
    Printing preparation- 1 day:
    graphic design
    positives exposing
    burning the screens
    Print (quantity: 1500)- 1 day.
    This way the order presented above should be completed in two days time.